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xmarks511, 54 Телец, 서울특별시 | ehisfb | loveplanet.ru


  • Был 29 октября 2018 в 13:43
  • 0
54 года, Телец
대한민국, 서울특별시
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Я ищу
  • Я ищу девушку или пару Ж+Ж от 42 до 70 для создания семьи. Знакомлюсь как пара М+Ж. Готов поддержать.
Свободно о себе
  • Im happy, self-assured, driven and seek quality in all aspects of life. I don’t really sweat the small stuff and tend to be more of a big picture thinker. Creating life experiences and meeting new people is pretty up there in what I enjoy most. I thrive in spontaneity, which sometimes drives friends crazy, but I love this quality about myself because it creates interesting twists and fun memories.
Кого я хочу найти
  • A Lady who is comfortable with herself. Someone who believes in herself and sees the beauty in life.
Личная информация
  • 167 см, 83 кг, спортивное телосложение, черные волосы и карие глаза.
  • Вдовец
  • Уже есть, больше не хочу
  • Дом, коттедж
  • Есть
  • Высшее
  • Средний доход
  • medical
  • Не курю, к курящим отношусь нейтрально
  • Выпиваю иногда в компаниях
  • Английский(родной)
Сексуальные предпочтения
  • Гетеро
  • Активная
  • Классический сексСквиртФистинг Латекс
  • medical
  • blues, country music,r&b
  • drama, adventures
  • history, Fiction, drama, religious.
  • salad, vegetable, pasta, meat, sushi.
  • oslo Norway, California, and many more beautiful place I like to visit.
  • Movies, programs, music, and food
    I am not a reader. I like movies, absolutely addicted to several television shows. I like all kinds of music, listen to different genres, depending on my mood or what I am doing. Really open to exploring a variety of food, as long as it looks not very rough. Like, I will not eat crickets and squid!
  • I don't really think I have.
  • being alive today.
  • ask me
  • punctuality, sincerity, honesty, and modesty.
  • i forgive everything.
  • every part
  • yes
  • ask me
  • ask me
  • ask me
  • ask me
  • ask me
  • ask me